Are you looking for airtime for your satellite phone?


Prepaid and postpaid solutions for satellite communication

Here you can find several solutions for your satellite airtime.

Prepaid airtime

With a Prepaid solution you buy a certain allowance which is valid for a certain (short) period. After this period the allowance expires unless you top-up in due time.
Pro :  you can use everything you pay for
Con :  limited choice regarding validity, not used = lost, you might end up without any allowance


Postpaid airtime

A Postpaid formula is also called a subscription with a fixed monthly fee, which sometimes includes airtime, and all the usage will be invoiced the following month.
Pro : you will never find yourself without any allowance left, price per minute is lower than with prepaid
Con : usage costs can be unexpectedly high.

The different airtime options can be very confusing, and is not always easy to choose the right one. Need help? We're here for you! Our staff is more than happy to guide you choosing the best option. Contact us via or call us during office hours (CET) on +32 3 227 74 07 .


Astron is one of the few companies in the region who can provide you with all models and brands of satellite phones. We have all the SIM-cards in stock, and can activate airtime immediately or upon request. If you pick it up, we activate your SIM-card with your prefered bundle while you enjoy a cup of coffee!

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