myFC PowerTrekk battery charger with fuel cell

The myFC PowerTrekk batterycharger charges the battery of your phone where and whenever you want. No need for a power outlet, powerbank or solar cells... Just add water!

Quantity: 48

Charge your smartphone with water!

The battery of a smartphone or a satellite phone unfortunately doesn't last forever, and if you're going beyond threaded paths then recharging might not always be easy. A powerbank is handy, but empty is empty... Solar chargers are fantastic, except in the rain...

The myFC PowerTrekk fuell cell battery charger offers a solution. This device consists of a 1500mAh power bank and a fuel cell which is fed by a "Puck" and water, and produces hydrogen which charges the internal battrey and/or your phone.

The Puck is single use and contains Sodium Silicide, Sodium Borhydride and Aluminium, and we recommend to recycle it via the metal recycling bin..

Weight myFC PowerTrekk: 240 g (128 x 66 x 42 mm)

Weight myFC Puck: 30 g (51 x 20 mm)

With the purchase of the myFC PowerTrekk, 3 Pucks are included. Don't forget to order more separately.

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