Puck - fuel capsule for myFC PowerTrekk

Fuel capsule for the myFC PowerTrekk batterycharger. One Puck gives enough energy to charge the battery of most smartphones (almost) completely.

Quantity: 87

The myFC Puck is an extra fuel capsule for your myFC PowerTrekk batterycharger. The Puck works a a catalyst. To release the hydrogen from the water, the salt is needed to split the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water.

One myFC Puck gives enough energy to recharge the battery of most smartphones

The myFC Puck is:

  • for single use, and can best be recycled via your metal recycle bin (same as soda-cans);
  • contains two types of salt
  • is lightweight(30 gram)
  • gives you 1200-1400 mAh

No myFC Pucks are needed when you charge your myFC PowerTrekk's inrternal battery straight from the powergrid. 

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